The detection of Animals and Weeds are the core services we provide. Each is customised to meet your specific requirements, and can be used in combination. See below for more information about each service, and examples of how they provide invaluable information.

If you are interested in utilising our services, or have any questions,
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Act on real-time information, and make informed management decisions based on animal distribution maps.


Coverage: up to 15km2/h

Resolution: up to 2cm/px

Vision: switch between thermal and optical

Zoom: 10x

For an example of live stream footage and distribution maps, click the button below.


Make informed management decisions based on weed distribution maps.


Resolution: up to 5cm/px

Coverage: map up to 25km2/h

Vision: near infrared

For an example of the map quality we provide, click the button below.

* fly low for best resolution; fly high for best view width, coverage, and radius of operation